The Body #19

"The Body" was an interesting project due to the incredible amount of special effects in the movie. The challenge was exciting; we had to experience many techniques never done before in Thailand.
Another interesting aspect of this experience was the close relationship between our CG team and the Director. We had complete freedom on the designs and the main ambition of each one was to do something cool together!
Also the aspect of CG Supervisor is taking a new dimension here where the projects extends on 100's of shots and over several months. On one side less pressure than commercials and less "surprises" but on the other end, long term scheduling, team motivation and quality check (working at 2K is somewhat harder than Pal) are new skills i develloped during this project.
Recently we’ve been awarded for this movie as Best Special Effects at the 17th Supannahong Oscar Ceremony...

CGTrailer of the Body #19

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