Cadillac CTS 2008 - Ice World


When we first received the board from Great Guns, we thought 'Wow! this ad is gonna kick some worldwide ass'. And unlike so often, every means were there for the project to complete neatly :
First Class Agency - check,
Cool product - check,
Budget up to the task - check,
Awesome directors from London - check,
and finally Great CG house - check  :-)
It's not very often that you can bring all these conditions together, so we were really excited to work on this.

A simple yet effective concept, full of contrasts: ice vs. heat, stillness vs. speed, desat. colors vs. bright red, the whole thing with a clear allusion to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing... However simple and straightforward, this concept really put everybody's skills to the test and we relied on an impressive numbers of shooting and CG techniques to achieve our vision. Sadly, as the movie unveiled itself, a simple unaddressed issue about the tone and style of the commercial made the client retract itself and cancel the whole project. Nearly finished, directors and CG house simply finalized this director's version for you to watch.

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